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Letter from Superintendent re: Educational Continuity

March 25, 2020

​​March 20, 2020

Re: COVID 19 update – educational continuity

Dear Parents:

I wanted to give you a further update from us on how school will be unfolding after Spring Break. I want to begin by assuring you that education will continue, but in a different way, and we are currently working on an equitable plan for supporting all our learners. I also want to emphasize that what I write now may indeed change in the days ahead as new information comes to us.

Face to face classes have been suspended; beginning March 30, please do not send your child to school.  This does not mean your school or educational program has closed, just that it will be happening in a different way. We are committed to educational continuity for all learners, from primary children to our International Program students. For the week following spring break, March 30-April 3, teachers and principals will be preparing learning opportunities and communication plans for students.  What can you expect following this time period? Teachers and school staff who work with your child will be reaching out to connect with you and your children about their learning programming.  What this looks like will depend based on age, subject area, and individual teacher.  You can imagine a Riverside College course and a grade one class will be handled differently.  I also want to emphasize that while some learning will 'move online' it's really important to recognize that the relationship between a teacher and student is social, and we will work hard to maintain that. 

The Ministry of Education has also emphasized that schools will support healthcare providers and first responders with childcare and their ability to provide their services to the community. We are working on what this will look like in the coming weeks.

Finally, I really want to remind you to stay positive.  It's natural to be scared or uncertain, but we will get through this, and children need to know that things will be okay. There are many good links on this, including:  Coronavirus Outbreak: Fact vs Fiction, or How to talk to your kids about COVID-19 .  My late father could tell you stories about being bombed during the Second World War, or his bout of polio, or heading for the hills during the Cuban Missile crisis --this all helps us put this pandemic in perspective. We are all working together to make this work in the best possible way for all of our children.  Please contact me at should you have any concerns or questions.  Thank you for your patience and consideration during this difficult period.



Angus Wilson, Superintendent of Schools